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For months I have been reading about “clean eating”. On Jan 2 2012 I started the PINK diet. Today is Jan. 31st and I have lost 17lbs. I also started running again 3 nights ago. I can’t believe how good it feels. All my life I have hated running. I never thought I could run. Every time I tried I hurt myself. Yesterday I ran and it felt good. Tomorrow I will run again. The food in my home has changed to. I really need to learn how to shop all over again. I have bought way to many fresh veggies and some are going bad before I can get to them. My diet it now 4 oz. protein with lunch and dinner, tons of veggies during the day and very little carbs. No dairy. No caffeine. No processed food, and very little fats. I started canning my food again this week. It feels good to get back to basics. I smiled a lot today.


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Dec.26, 2011

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that is just too much.

A Song…

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In the beginning we just hum,
but after a short time our hearts learn to sing.
I am so thankful that I have a song in my heart.
I am sorry it can’t carry a note in a bucket.
But thankful it can sing. Thank You for today God.
I am yours. Use me.

It even makes me laugh out loud.

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I have added trying to be a runner….hahaha It even makes me laugh out loud. I have got to do something to change the way my body has changed. I don’t know if it was because I quit smoking or because of a fall I had a few years ago but I have gained so much weight. I was going to be brave and put my weight and measurements out here but I think I will ponder on that one awhile. Early this week I started the c25k program and on day 3 of week one hours after my last little run for the week, at 12:30 am I thought it would just be best if someone would shoot me and put me out of my misery. But needless to say I lived through the night and I am feeling a little (really just a little) bit better. I hurt places….well I will just leave it at that. I also slacked on the eating well thing for the past few months and I need to get back on track with that. I hope to be better about all of the promises I made myself way back in Jan. Including, but not limited to this blog. Praying for strength and knowledge and to be able to be quite enough to hear God when he whispers.